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Projects and Products

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Wearable Artificial Kidney

Kidney failure is on the rise worldwide.  Standard renal dialysis is disruptive, painful, inefficient, energy-sapping and ultimately a poor substitute for kidneys.

Our solution is an artificial kidney that you wear so it can be working around the clock - just like your kidneys.

More effective dialysis without the large swings in fluid and toxins; reduction in disruptive trips to the dialysis clinic two to three times a week for four to six hours, and a return to more normal lifestyle are the advantages that this breakthrough technology promises.  To learn more, please connect with Saab Medical.  We are looking for early round investors. 

Bulk Water Purification

Clean water is a necessity for basic living yet many places don't have it.  We've developed a remarkable technology that purifies water in large volume and uses very little energy.

This technology is proven effective in several trials globally and has the potential to solve the water purification problem around the world.

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