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GFR90 is a medical device development company created to bring a wearable artificial kidney to people suffering from end stage renal disease


Who We Are

We are a team that is fully dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of one product  - a wearable artificial kidney. 

Our vision is to transform the lives of those with end stage renal disease by using ambulatory dialysis that can be used everyday, all day.  Just like a healthy kidney.

Our goal is for our wearable artificial kidney to do the equivalent work of healthy kidneys​ that have a Glomerular Filtration Rate of 90 or better.  This goal became our name: GFR90.

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A Wearable Artificial Kidney

Kidneys work 24/7 and we think kidney dialysis should, too.  We are developing a wearable artificial kidney which will change the way people think about dialysis.  No more day-long trips to the clinic three times a week.  No more wild swings in fluid volume, electrolytes, and toxins.  Feel better with less lethargy and nausea.

Continuous dialysis mimics the work of the kidney so your heart works easier with less fluid buildup and toxins won't have time to accumulate. 

The result will be life changing and life preserving technology.

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Interested in Joining Us?

Let's have a conversation.

You see the value of saving, improving, and prolonging lives.  Let's talk about how you fit in. 

Our project will be financially successful but there is no member of the team that is doing this solely for financial gain.  We believe in the life-altering benefits of this project.  We are interested in partners who believe as we do.  Connect with us below or click on "Learn More" button to find out how you can join us.

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